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Foods of Unnatural Colors

2 Apr

trix treat

Sorry for the hiatus.  An unexpected medical issue has taken up my mental energy the last few weeks.  But enough of that nonsense.  It’s Easter time!  Nothing says Easter like food coloring and refined sugar.  While I generally attempt to avoid all that stuff as much as possible, an Easter without ’em would be just plain un-American.  For anybody over the age of about 12, these are disgusting.  Actually, I’m lying.  I totally dig Rice Krispie treats.  The trix treats on the other hand, are vile.  My kids LOVED them.  Paying homage to his bachelor days, my husband bought a box of the Trix Swirls a few weeks back.  I was transfixed by all the pretty colors and decided I had to use them for something.  I also had this idea for multi-colored Rice Krispie treats that I’ve been meaning to give a shot. Continue reading