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Chocolate Chip Banana Loaffins

23 Apr

chocolate chip banana bread

Ok, so you know when you’re cruising around Sam’s Club during the holidays and you have baking on the brain and the idea of buying a 25 lb. bag of chocolate chips seems brilliant?  And you know when April rolls around and you still have 24 of the 25 lbs. of chocolate chips sitting in your cupboard threatening to start developing that weird white crud on them?  Yes? No?  Perhaps, it’s just me.

My first attempt at using up the chocolate chips was a recipe for whole wheat chocolate chip cookies.  I tortured the whole family with the delicious smell of freshly baked cookies only to find out that chocolate chip cookies are only yummy if no attempts are made to stop them from being really, really ridiculously bad for  you.  My husband relentlessly bitched and complained about how awful they were.  I choked a couple down just to prove him wrong but later in a show of mock self pity I finally admitted to the crimes I committed against nature by using whole wheat flour in a chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Seriously, it was gross.

But then, I came across a whole wheat chocolate chip muffin recipe on the King Arthur Flour website.   I had a squishy banana hanging around so I decided to add it to the mix and do a loaf instead of muffins.  It turned out tasty as all get out.    That guy I live with didn’t even see fit to lecture me on the fact that baked goods just taste better when you use white flour.  Continue reading


OMG, I’m So Sick of The Cupcake Trend…

1 Mar

mocha cupcakes

So here’s yet another cupcake recipe.   This cupcake is slightly special though, I promise.   Made with spelt flour and Medjool dates, this cupcake is fibery (shut up, it’s a word) enough to make your grandma give up her Metamucil.  Plus, one of the nice things about cupcakes is that they are easy to share.  You have to admit it’s slightly ghetto and creepy to bring 1/2 a cake over to someone’s house but you bring a plate of cupcakes and you’re the super rad, trendy friend who just saved them from spending $20 at the gourmet cupcake shop.

Disclaimer:  I used Deglet dates because that’s all they had at my grocery store and to be perfectly honest, I don’t know the stinkin’ difference.  However, I used the handy dandy internet to look it up when I got home.  Apparently, Deglets are the shriveled, dried up, red-headed stepbrother of the Medjool.  That being said, I used them and the cupcakes turned out great.  I make no representations as to the awesomeness of the cupcakes if made with Medjools.  Who knows, they might suck. Continue reading