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Beluga Lentils Two Ways

3 Mar

black lentils

It seems to me I’ve seen a lot of this or that done three ways lately.  Is this a new fad or am I behind the times?  Probably the latter.  I know I saw the chefs preparing dishes three ways many times on Top Chef this past season.  But those fools also kept pronouncing ceviche in a way that rhymes with bleach or screech so what do they know?   OK so maybe they know something I don’t but everybody else on earth adds the festive (and probably the more culturally appropriate)  “ay” at the end.  They just sound like pompous, cheese-eating, sideways monkeys (my new favorite insult – I stole it from Top Gear).  But I digress, where was I?  Oh yes, three ways.  Well, I was only 2/3 motivated last night.  It was Tuesday.  What do you want from me?  I’m only one person.  So here we have Beluga/black lentils two ways.  I’ve never used black lentils before but I found them during my pilgrimage to Whole Foods and they were just too pretty to resist.  Continue reading